The prices shown are for just the stove, all installations have to be surveyed to assess the suitability of the stove, the suitability and condition of the flue/chimney, hearth and fireplace.

Why are these stoves so cheap?

Two reasons really. The first is that they are not available in dealer outlets, they are sold direct to the trade or public, so no middle man or high street shop.

Secondly they are made in either the Eastern part of Europe or, for the cast insert models, China.

All are manufactured to CE regulations and in the case of the European made stoves, to higher specification German DIN. All stoves sold in the UK from China also have to be tested by the UK before they are allowed to sold and installed.

This enables the cost to be kept down. All come with 5 year warranty, parts are available should they be required in the future.

I have found stoves from these brands to be very reliable.

Zona Jupiter 7kW Stove. This contemporary stove is one of my favorites. They do look lovely sitting in a room slowly giving out its warmth. A well built multifuel 190Kg stove built to German DIN standards, with stunning looks, a curved glass front and able to be placed on a 12mm hearth. The only issue with all the tall contemporary European stoves is often the old British fireplace is not suitable, which does mean some construction work is required to install. This is not always the case though, some old Local Authority homes from the 1950's seem to be able to fit these very well with not too much modification. 


Saltfire ST2 5kW. Like the ST1 this stove is very efficient and clean burning with DEFRA approval. It differs from the ST1 not only in looks but is mulitfuel, so is able to burn all smokeless fuels too. If burning wood it takes a smaller 10 inch log. Like the ST1 this stove can be fitted on a 12mm hearth.

Again if you need a liner a 5" flue is all you need.


Coseyfire Insert Convector stove 4.5kW. This stove is a great little stove and ideally suited to fit straight into a British Standard fire place, often with little or no modification. This will turn an inefficient open fire into a 75% efficient appliance. It produces a lot of heat due to convection from the rear of the stove into the room space. A multifuel stove, so it can burn coal based products or wood.

If your chimney is in good order you will not need a liner.


 Stoves We Like


My favorite. The Victoria Multifuel Cooker 12kW. Every home should have a range. If you have never sat in a kitchen and felt the heat produced from a solid fuel cooker, warming the home, roasting the spuds, boiling the kettle and baking the bread, you don't know what you are missing. This little range does it all. Like other European made stoves it meets German DIN standards, is made of steel rather than cast iron like the Rayburn or Aga and a fraction of the weight too. 200kg rather than the weight of a small car and very efficient. A lot of homes built before 1960 have chimneys in the kitchen, often now blocked off.

£699 (only £4000 cheaper than a Rayburn!)

Saltfire 8kW Insert Stove. This is like the smaller Coseyfire stove but much deeper. The British Standard fire place will need some modifying to fit this stove due to it's depth. It is a powerful 8kW multifuel stove and can take 10 inch logs. If you live in a well insulated bungalow this will really heat most of it, depending on room layout. It will keep burning for hours between loadings. Being an insert stove it doesn't encroach into the room space either. The stove is clean burning and DEFRA approved for smoke controlled areas and only needs a 5 inch liner if you need to have a liner installed.



Saltfire ST1 5kW. This stove is very good, a true wood burning stove, so no coal based products to be used on this stove. Incredibly efficient and very clean burning. Is DEFRA approved for smoke controlled areas, this has no benefit in Suffolk, South Cambs or North Essex but it does mean a small liner is used if you require one which is an installation cost saving.  It can take logs 11 inches long, not bad for a small stove. Also only needs a 12mm hearth unlike most stoves.

If you do need a liner only a 5" one is required rather than a 6".


Coseyfire Elegance 4.5kW. This is a small stove ideal for the cold conservatory or a small room. The problem with all small stoves is the inability to take a lot of fuel, needing refuelling little and often. I am not a fan of the small stove, a larger one is more practical. If you are looking for a small stylish reliable little multifuel stove this is ideal, able to use a 12mm hearth.

If you are lucky enough to have a good safe functioning flue you will not need a liner.

£ 300

Coseyfire Ottawa 8kW Stove. A very good work horse stove. Steel construction, good modern clean looks, nice size fire box able to take  wood or coal based fuels. The stove will burn for hours between each loading, 75% efficient. This stove does what it is meant to do, produce a lot of heat for a long time. A lot of well insulated homes with smaller living rooms may find that this stove is just too hot, it suits poorer insulated properties with larger rooms, high ceilings and older sash windows. 


A good multi fuel stove or wood burning stove need not cost the earth.