Stoves For Homes, quality woodburner & multifuel stove installations.

We can supply and fit your stove; alternatively we can fit one you have personally sourced and supplied.

Choosing a stove is very personal. At Stoves For Homes we will give impartial, expert advice on installing a stove which is right for you

We only fit top of the range 25 year warrantied Schieldel 904 flexible liners or Eco ICID insulated twin wall. If you have a chimney in good order, then great, you will not need a liner and the cost of installing a stove is much cheaper.

If you have not got a chimney, then we can install a chimney system for you.

Stoves For Homes

Woodburner & Multifuel Stove Installation

Want a quote for installing your stove? 

Each installation is different, one persons requirements will differ from the next person.

We will install a stove which matches your budget, so whether you would like us to install your £4500 designer stove or one you purchased from a warehouse for £170 on eBay, gives us a call or use the form below. 

A well installed stove not only warms, it aesthetically enhances a home.